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Power Quality Improvement Solutions

2020-01-04 15:11:05 tuopu 7

We provide high-quality reactors and inductors for power quality fields such as PFC "Power Factor Correction" and APF “Active Power Filters”.

The ideal electric energy should be a perfectly symmetrical sine wave. Some factors may cause the waveform to deviate from the symmetrical sine, which results in power quality problems. Power quality problem can be defined as: the deviation of voltage, current or frequency that leads to the failure or abnormal operation of electric equipment, including frequency deviation, voltage deviation, voltage fluctuation and flicker, three-phase imbalance, instantaneous or transient overvoltage, waveform distortion (harmonic), voltage sag, interruption, temporary rise and power supply continuity. 

 In modern power system, the voltage waveform distortion caused by voltage sag, voltage sag and short-time interruption has become the most important power quality problem. 

 Improvement measures :

 (1) Improve the power factor to balance the reactive power locally. 

 (2) Reasonable selection of power supply radius . 

(3) Reasonable selection of conductor section of power supply system line.

 (4) The transformer and distribution equipment shall be reasonably configured to prevent overload operation.

 (5) Proper selection of voltage regulation measures, such as series compensation, transformer with on load voltage regulation device, installation of synchronous camera or electrostatic capacitor, etc.