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Three-phase AFP reactor

Three-phase filter reactor for energy storage system

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Product introduction:

APF reactor is also known as active filter reactor, which connects active filter and power grid to suppress the high harmonic current derived from APF switching frequency ripple current and suppress current peak. Filtering out harmonics and higher harmonics can also restrict the closing inrush current of power system.

Technical parameters:

System voltage:

1200V Max

Rated current:

500A Max

Fundamental frequency:


Switching frequency:


Work environment:

Height above sea level: ≤3000m, above 3000m can be used for derating

The environment temperature:-25~55℃

Insulation class:

F/H class


Core-winding 3000VAC 50Hz  60s,no damage

Insulation resistance:

Over 100 m Ω core - winding 1000 VDC

Protecting grade:

IP00,can be customized according to customer requirements

Winding material:


Core material:

Silicon steel/magnetic powder core



Product size:

According to customer requirements

Product execution standard

GB1094.6《Power transformers - part 6: reactors》

SJ 3270《Safety requirements for isolating transformers》